This is the Next Part of Your Dream

by Ghost Noise

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released August 10, 2013

John Casey Connolly - vocals, synth
Gawby Moon - vocals, guitar
Josh Dean - electronics

Produced by Josh Solomon

Cover photograph by Richard G. Auxilio

All songs written by Ghost Noise



all rights reserved


Ghost Noise Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Amethyst
Freezing in a room with shattered windows
That can’t hold back the wind
I’ve been
Clinging to my bed sheets, counting the days
Until autumn ends
I’ll be
Waiting, aching, though there isn’t much
Holding onto everything I touch

They think that I’m listening to them
But it’s getting harder to pretend
That it matters
When all I hear are static transmissions
That the radio towers send
I’ll be
Running, chasing the amethyst sky
Searching for love that will never die

Why couldn’t I see it
That all that I wanted was right in front of me
But what does it matter
When everything just falls apart in your hands

Amethyst, amethyst
I’ll wait here for you
Track Name: Space Opera
Lost in the night sky
Stars destined to die
Leaving without me
They never say goodbye

Constellations sing
Blind and unloving
Galaxies endlessly
Fading to nothing

Light years from my home
Traveling alone
An incoming signal says
Destiny’s unknown

Gaze out at two suns
Dreading what may come
Prepared for the worst because
Death knows no season

Stars align
With no design
Neptune rising
Space and time
So saturnine
So unkind
This world of mine
Track Name: Amelia Earhart vs. the Bermuda Triangle
Please don’t worry about me
I’ll get out of this on my own
And if you need a memory
Just forget everything that you know about me

I don’t want to worry
But you’ve been gone for so long
I promise to tell your story
But I’d prefer you prove me wrong

I sent out a distress call
But I don’t think it’s reached you yet
If the receiver cuts out
I doubt I could ever turn back

It could have been perfect
But it’s looking like this is the end
Just know I never gave up
If we never cross paths again
Track Name: Teen Veins
This crowded room is closing in
Take me away

(I hide behind this smile)
Every night was Saturday night
Living a dream beneath a mirrorball
It never looked as good as it did on you
Take me away

(All night I dream that something might)
Now I’m disconnected at long distance
Glitter falls upon this heavy hurt
I can’t even tell if I’m still here
Take me away

(I wish I could escape this place)
The faint glow of a quiet death wish
Lily petals across the floor
No one here will remember a word I said
Take me away

Eyeliner reminders
I can’t drain these teen veins

The lights are on, you’re not here
I don’t know what I’m looking for
Help me learn from my mistakes
Is this all I’m meant to be?
I try to go, but my youth remains
Surely this is just a phase
Cigarettes and lipstick stains
Won’t help me fall asleep tonight

Lacing up these platform boots
Hair hanging in my eyes
All my sins dressed in white
Another neon waste of time
In my heart I just thought
That this would be so different
Less Godard and more Truffaut
Impossible love, impossible distance

Cigarettes and lipstick stains
Won’t help me fall asleep tonight
All my sins dressed in white
Another neon waste of time
Track Name: We Ran From Silence
Walls shutting out all the sound
Nothing lost, nothing found
Staying would kill my mind
I left everything behind

I thought I could hear them call
Yell down an empty hall
The voices were never there
And my soulless eyes would stare

Stare straight down the corridor
Into an unforgiving retreat
A thrashing daydream like a snaking funeral procession
Leading to the haunted mouth of the beast

A hungry devilish stigmata
Spirits looming in the windowpane
The wild weeping is getting closer with every step
Hear it howling at us through the rain

We ran from silence
Astral echoes
No one could find us
The silence knows

The rosary is clutched
And the veil is torn off
As the ceiling crashes down
Upon all we have lost

Violent pictures on a screen
I smile at them when they see me
These words mean nothing, they're all the same
Let's run from the silence that's shouting your name

We ran from silence
Track Name: Black Moon
Under the black moon
I can’t see your face
Hiding in darkness
And falling from grace

Throw your heart out to the wolves
They’re calling, they’re calling
Lay your bones among the trees
They’re calling, they’re calling
Offer your hands to the flames
They’re calling, they’re calling
Gnash your teeth at the eastern winds
They’re calling, they’re calling

Do you hear the demon’s call?
This is your black ritual
Track Name: Violet Light
Blinded by city lights
Crashing down into the night
Trapped inside the dreamscape
My ghost can’t escape

Violet light
In my eyes
Track Name: Cosmica Sidera
the place was dark
& the spotlight was on us
& our eyes gazed outward
at our deep space fallout
where the colors all look the same
& the words all sound the same
& every figure in every uniform
has the same face

the bulbs had burnt out
in our rose cross equinox
your eyes looked so frightened
by the tourniquet around the sky
four quiet satellites
in haunting motion
celestial bodies
in perfect symmetry

Cosmica Sidera - in orbit
Cosmica Sidera - infinite
Cosmica Sidera - forgotten
Cosmica Sidera - fuck Simon

infinity unfurled
past this spectrum unleashed
a mass star exodus
tearing at the seams
scanning this void
constellations unyielding
shadows on the surface
of this lunar intuition

in an unending flux
deathless & symphonic
forever September
alight & alone
an unfurling gallop
equine & eternal
I swear the wires
can still hear everything
Track Name: Folie a Deux
Folie a deux
Folie a deux
A madness shared by two

We all go a little mad sometimes
Folie a deux

Feel my body growing colder
Feel it clawing all around me
A mirror image of myself
It’s laughing at me, shut it up

A flood of voices writhing inside me
Whispers from within are starting close in
Delirium and darkness, I’ve lost all control
I’m sorry for making you a part of my madness

What good is a conscience in the midst of a breakdown
They’re telling me to do things and it’s tearing me apart
Track Name: Death by Way of the Dream
This violent dream
Blacker than the night
It will kill me
It will kill the light